Shipping Notice.

     All items purchased through TFD Pride must be created from scratch.  This means there is a Fulfillment period of 2-7 days that it could take to physically make your product.  If you choose an express shipping method the shipping will take place AFTER the fulfillment period and not from the time of purchase.  


     You purchase a shirt.  The item is processed and must be created at this point.  Our printing team receives the order and it takes a few days for them create your custom shirt (This is the FULFILLMENT PROCESS).  At this point, the item is handed over to shipping. The item will take a few days to ship on top of the couple of days it took to create your item. 

     Please take this process into account when ordering through TFD Pride.  We are a custom apparel company and do not have every item in stock at the time of purchase.  The items are unique and there are hundreds of different options to choose from.  This is a difficult and time consuming process.  Please do not expect to order an item and choose "Next Day" delivery and have it on your front porch by morning.  These are custom designs with dozens of sizes and color options, and the FULFILLMENT PROCESS can take 2-7 days to create your items.  We thank you for your patience and for choosing TFD Pride.